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New Paltz Rural Cemetery Burials in G.A.R. section 74-82


JOHN LEFEVRE- (1843- 1913). Served in Company D, 20th Regiment U.S. Colored Troops.

JACOB WYNKOOP- (1829-1912). Served in Company (I)  20th Regiment U.S. Colored Troops.

JOHN WILLARD JACK- (1837-1910). Served in Company E, 1st New York Artillery.

JACOB WAHL- (1826-1907). Served in Company C, 5th Regiment U.S. Army.

JACOB HENDRICKS- (1827-1904). Served in Company A, 156TH New York Volunteers.

WILLIAM DAUGHERTY- (1834-1903). Served in Company D, 80th New York Volunteers.

GEORGE HOWARD- (1832-1901). Served in Company F, 80th New York Volunteers.

EDWARD G. COOPER- (1834-1901). Served in Company C, 51st New York Volunteers.

GOTTFRIED BURK- (1931-1901). Served in Company E. 41ST New York Volunteers.

CHARLES SMITH- Died in 1917. Served in 7th Independent Battery New York Volunteers.

ALLEN A. MARSHALL- (1833-1896). Served in Company B, 156th Regiment New York Volunteers.

WILLIAM HESS- (1842-1906). Served in Company K 48th New York State.

BENJAMIN HORTON- Died in 1893. Served in Company A of the 156th New York Volunteers.

ALONZO W. BLACKMAN- (1838-1890). Served in Company D, Sixth New York Infantry.

ANDREW SMITH- (1816-1886). Served in Company C 20th New York Volunteers.

HENRY RITTER- (1809-1885). Served in Company E 15th U.S. Infantry.

FRANK MEYETT- (1814-1885).

LUTHER FREER- (1839-1863). Served in 44th New York Volunteers.

THOMAS J. CLOSE- (1841-1862). Served in Company F 87th New York Volunteers.

VIRGIL T. HARVEY- (1835-1921). Served in the 3rd Regiment Heavy Artillery Pennsylvania.

ANDREW YAPLE- (1841-1870). Served in the 80th New York State Militia.


brown obit

JOHN JAMES BROWN- (1824-1889). Soldier of color. Served as a private in Company A of the 20th Regiment, U.S. Colored Infantry.

JOHN T. LANE- (1839-1891). Served in Company F 80th New York Volunteers.

BENJAMIN FREAR- (1812-1892). Served in Company E 156TH New York Volunteers.

GEORGE L. BENJAMIN- (1839-1893). Served in Company H, 1st Regiment of Artillery of Pennsylvania Volunteers.

HENRY CARTER- (1826-1901). A soldier of color.

PETER ELTINGE- (1841-1896).

coon obit

WM. WRIGHT COON-(1842-1932). He enlisted in 1863 as a private in the U.S. Colored Units Heavy Artillery. He was discharged in 1865 due to wound in left arm.

VIRGIL HARVEY- (1894-1960). Virgil Harvey is the grandson of Virgil T. Harvey and not a Civil War veteran. After acquiring permission to be buried with his grandfather, his request was granted and a tombstone was added in 1961.

RUFUS PALMER- (1845-1923). Served as a private in Company “B,” 143rd Regiment of the New York Volunteers.

CYRUS DUBOIS- Died in 1940.