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A Vendue is essentially a public auction of items to be sold. Often times, after a person died, they would Will many of their valuables, the remainder of their estate being sold at a public Vendue to the highest bidder. This is the case for the vendue of Hendricus Dubois. This document shows the items sold, including one slave named Bett, her selling price, and the person who purchased her. It is important to note that this document helps to illustrate the practical application of a law that was passed March 8th, 1773. The Colony of New York, still under the dominion of British rule, passed an Act that required all Slave owners to feed, clothe, and maintain their slaves in order to keep them from begging for the necessities of life on the streets. As slaves were considered property like anything else, their masters were accountable for their behavior. In addition, this document also illustrates the rare practice of allowing a slave to choose her own master. In this document we learn that Bett is given the opportunity to choose not to be the property of Edward Lounsberry, but instead serve Peter Elting, certainly an atypical occurrence.

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