P. J. Moriarty, New York, N.Y.

P. J. Moriarty, St. Patrick's Day

P. J. Moriarty, New York, N.Y., ca. late 1960s

Someone must have had a lot of fun writing this menu for St. Patrick’s Day dinner at the Irish pub, P. J. Moriarty, in New York City. Almost every dish is qualified by something Irish—cocktail de crevelles Erin-go-Braugh; jus de pamplemousse Leprechaun; pommes McGillicuddy, pommes O’Brien and pommes Shannon; l’éclair glace Shamrock; and gateau Blarney Castle, to name a few. On the opposite page (depicted here) is a curious illustration along with some Gaelic blessings: “A hundred thousand welcomes;” “Hunger is a bad thing but thirst is worse;” “Long life to you;” and “May God give you sense.” (Also take a look at the last page of the menu--a horse walks into a bar...)

From the Culinary Institute of America Menu Collection, George Lang Menu Collection, menu 2-453.





St. Patrick's Day
P. J. Moriarty, New York, N.Y.