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Social Scene and Hangouts

IBM Kingston Family Day with a view of the Ferris wheel with IBM Kingston buildings visible in background, 1958.  Collection of Bruce Whistance

Bruce Whistance is in the foreground of this photo, taken by his father, who had a contract servicing vending machines at the plant.

Bruce Whistance, center, at "Fun-In-The-Sun" day at the IBM Kingston Recreation Center, 1992.  Collection of Bruce Whistance

The entire Graphics Systems organization enjoyed a picnic. Not long after, the Graphics mission was moved to Austin, Texas.  

In the pool at the IBM Recreation Center on Kukuk Lane, Town of Ulster, c. 1962.  Collection Gaynel Tavares

Members of the Pettingill family are in the photo, as is a neighbor of theirs, Bill Brown.

Member card for Sheldon Martin at IBM Recreation Center, 1977.  Collection of Sheldon Martin

The “Rec Center” was a favorite place for IBMers, their children and neighbors of the Center on or near Kukuk Lane in the Town of Ulster.

Employees at IBM Kingston often socialized together, either at lunch, after work, or on special occasions. They frequented many bars and restaurants. Among the ones remembered fondly were Deanie’s in Woodstock, Salvucci’s and the Skytop on Route 28, and Zenon’s on Route 9W.

Deanie’s in Woodstock.  Courtesy of the Historical Society of Woodstock/Elywn Family Archives

Deanie's was located at the corner of Deming Street and Mill Hill Road in Woodstock.

Salvucci's Italian Restaurant.  

Salvucci's was a much-loved Italian restaurant on Route 28 in West Hurley.

Skytop Motel.  Collection of Luke H. Gordon

The Skytop motel and restaurant is located on Route 28 in Kingston. Its large neon sign has been a landmark for decades.

Zenon’s.  Collection of Richie W., I’m From Kingston Facebook page

Zenon's was located on Route 9W in Kingston.