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The Beginning of the Olive Fire Department

Among those most exasperated by the fire losses in the Town of Olive was Albert Fox Jr., a young Olivebridge dairy farmer who was particularly driven to improve the fire suppression effort in the Town.  As recorded minutes state and local lore embellishes, a meeting was called for the cold wintry night of January 30, 1947, for 19 interested townfolk to discuss organizing a fire district.  Of the 19 individuals invited, the record shows that "only 27" actually attended.  Other early meetings on March 12th and 14th provided the name and framework of the Department and established the first Board of Directors of seven individuals who included Percy Cook, Harlowe McLean, William Osterhoudt, Lester Barringer, Charles McLendon, Simeon Trowbridge, and Albert S. Fox Jr. It was also resolved to locate the firehouse in the hamlet of Olivebridge.

-Peter Nissen