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MSS 017.002.001 Elizabeth DeWitt letter p 1.jpg
Letter, Elizabeth DeWitt to her father, possibly unrelated receipt on verso

MSS 067.001.005 DuBois inventory p 11.jpg
Estate inventory, Cornelius Dubois.
*This is a 16 page inventory, the expectation is 2-3 pages at most*

Deed, Noah Eltinge to Benjamin Doyo [Deyo]

MSS 008.000.005 Statement of votes.JPG
Statement of votes in the town of New Paltz

Lease, Thomas Bruyn to Margret Bruyn, of two rooms in his house on the first floor with other rooms and use of the farm, undated

MSS 067.001.004 DuBois vaccine receipt.JPG
Receipt, Josiah DuBois by Isaac [Ree?] for medical services

MSS 067.001.004 DeGrootte receipt p 1.JPG
Receipt, John DeGrootte, by the Overseers of the Poor of the Town of New Paltz, for Anna Terwilliger

MSS 067.001.007 Poll list 1778.JPG
Poll list, election at New Paltz for 6 members to represent Ulster County in the General Assembly for the State of New York and for two senators

Will, Johannes Mauritus Goetschius, including specific bequests to his nephew, wife, and children and instructions for sale of remaining estate at public vendue. Bequests include several enslaved persons, and also include his medical instruments,…

Letters to Morris Jansen from Roland Sears regarding attempts to rent land on Jansen's behalf, renters refusing to "be ejected," difficulties Sears is experiencing in attracting buyers for land, and an offer.
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