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This document highlights innate discriminatory language within the Marist judicial process, as it has not been updated in accordance with the college's integration of women.

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Supporting the ideals of challenging the status quo, this document entails an article discussing how members of a male consciousness group held multiple meetings to discuss experiences, personal and not, about examples of sexism on campus. This…

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Publication of the Open Forum to discuss Birth Control in society and at Marist, its implications, and morality. What is interesting to note is that the writer, a female, takes a view separate from contemporary views at small, liberal arts colleges…

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A female Marist student embarking onto a journey to attend the Women's Convention and Workshop in New York City. This is the first time a Marist student has been sent to such an event, and showcases the willingness of the College to allow students to…

Cheerleaders make their debut at the Assumption game; the first co-ed group at Marist College.
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