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  • Collection: Marist College: From Brotherhood to Co-Education

Marist College charters the first female cheer-leading squad.

Cheerleaders make their debut at the Assumption game; the first co-ed group at Marist College.

Bill O’Reilly, in London, England comments positively on the article “How the Other Half Lives”.

Champagnat Housemaster Brother Frederick Lambert comments on the widely debated idea of extending open house privileges.

The fact that Marist girls pay admission to mixers and that Open House is only on Sundays is questioned.

Marist girls living on the sixth floor of Leo speak up about their experience as residents and the great community established throughout the fifty girls.

Co-ed living situations are discussed; Leo Hall is suggested to house admitted women but the top of Champ is also an option depending on how many women are accepted and the ratio of men to women.

A summary and conclusion of a study done by three psychology majors about the introduction of women into all male colleges is released and focuses on the benefits.

A suggested proposal of rules and regulations for the new open house policy regarding women in the dorms is drafted for the administration’s approval.

Reverend Malcolm Boyd discusses advantages of a co-ed community.
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