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  • Collection: Marist College: From Brotherhood to Co-Education

1977 marist.png
Marist offers scholarship money to the women's and men's basketball team, which makes them go up from division III to division II.

1976 viking cheer.png
The first cheerleading team at Marist College was a group of seven women.

1976 first woman.png
First woman sportswriter talks about her experience of covering women's sports, like field hockey and volleyball.

1976 a women takes.png
A interview with the first woman residence director at Marist College.

1979 hard working.jpg
The women’s crew team wins their first four races against different colleges after many years of training.

1979 intruders.jpg
A woman reports her scary encounters with intruders coming into her dorm over the past four months.

1978 an equal.jpg
Women receive the same opportunities as men in the aspect that they can compete in many different intercollegiate and intramural sports. Three years previous there was only three intercollegiate women’s teams, but in 1978 there will be seven:…

Paul Browne discusses his opinion on the assimilation of women into Marist College commenting on their discrimination and particularly, two other articles in The Circle mentioning them.

Mixers and major weekends are no longer being attended because girls are being met elsewhere and visiting any weekend rather than specified ones.

The Resident Board and Residence Director, after a long debate, passed new hours for open house in dorms.
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