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Bodyguard talking to Goslett. 1918.

egypt 2.PNG
Sphinx and Great Pyramid of Giza with crowd in front . 1918.

Wadi Araba, caravan, close-up. 1918.

egypt 3.PNG
Veiled woman of Arabia. 1918.

T. E. Lawrence, D. G. Hogarth, Allan Dawnay, close-up. 1918.

egypt 4.PNG
Three soldiers in desert trench near Well of Moses. 1918.

Kachin men and women facing camera (Graphlex) 1921

egypt 5.PNG
Pyramid, palm trees and men sitting in the foreground. 1918.

burma 4.PNG
Two workmen turning jar

shells in palestine.PNG
Explosive shells, Kantara
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